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In this post I would like to familiarize you with tips for using online coupons. Some of fresh and experienced  entrepreneurs giving out  advices how to use coupons not only for discounts, but also for making a relationship or track customers.

1) Be careful with Deal/Discount websites. We all know sites with super cheap offers for everything, but maybe not all of us heard about how many entrepreneurs got failure thanks to them. Customers shopping on these sites are not loyal and wants to save money. Only.

„Before you offer any sort of discount, know your customer lifetime value (CLV), and whether offering a discount will pay off in the long run.“ –  Sunil Rajaraman,

2) Online coupons are smart way how to measure succes of your marketing activities. Put a different code on coupons according to where people get the code (Facebook, Google,magazines…) so you can see on which site was campaign most usefull, because when customer is going to use a coupon, he has to give you the code, then you are able to easily measure success of each campaign.
Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

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3) Reward by coupons only those, who worth it and make from coupons something desirable for others. According to  Natalie MacNeil, try to give special coupons only to your most loyal or active customers. You can decide according to how many times individuals shop with you, how active are on your Facebook page or giving coupons for recommendation of new customer.

4) Use a coupon to picking data about your customers. By creating different codes on coupons for different types of custumers – those who find you by Google, those who click on your add, those who get a recommendation, special codes for loyal customers or for those who did first purchase. Then track and watch their behaviour during shopping and from picked data create customize service, product.. Anderson Schoenrock, Scandigital

Take all these advice, but dont forget to give out discounts only if your business can afford it.