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As I have already mentioned importartance of mobile marketing with increasing number of users, with improving of mobile advertising, location based advertising has a big future.

According to „Only 4% of the adult Internet-using population has utilized any kind of location-based service, and just 1% of all adults check-in to a location at least once a week. Regardless of the stats, marketers are still taking an interest in the new technology“

This type marketing increasing despite privaci issues, customers are still not very willing to give away personal info which make whole situation taught for marketers.
But not only customers, privacy is still big issue in law. For example you can not take any location info from kids under 13, because of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Or every company has to protect very strongly all data they gathered physically and in electronic version.

Location based advertising is trying to be personalized and perfectly, straightly target their costumers and even if mostly they are not prepared to share information about place where they are, if marketers will give them valuable service and offers in exchange of the information, they will more likely to collaborate. For users it could mean delivering of content according their needs and works as a time saver. Another advantage could be immidiatelly delivering of special offers just then minutes from them! Imagine you are walking around and then you mobile tells you where in 10 metres is prepared you favourite coffee for best price or your favourite clothes shop just start with seasonal sales!

For example Starbucks is so far, that by their app customers can order coffee which will be in coffee shop while they arrived, because order was sent in advance by app into customer nearest store!

When more and more people purchasing by mobile, share photos and information, location based as will increasing.



As many more people has their mobile device everywhere they go with internet in, marketers want them target them inside these little machines. According to 2012 trends, in mobile marketing are tons of money without utilizing, in this area of marketing are obstacles where neither biggest companies has no strategy to overcome.
Marketing on mobile devices is obviously not same as ads on computer.

Biggest probem is propably sizing: See below ad on PC with lot of space.


Mobile ad is shrunk for one sentence, which make an ad on such a small area annoying anyway.


Not only sizing, but whole problem with ads on mobile is also where we are using mobiles. According to Jean-Louis Gassée ,when we are working  in front of a laptop , our attention is  focused and our time is committed. We know where we are and what we’re doing. Not so with mobiles, we are on the way, surrounded by many people, activities and are fragmented. Even of these bad news, every business should have mobile-optimized website as a minimum.

Another question, problem, coming with ads on smartphones is whether to marketing by website or app. Advantage of app is, that customers has to downoald it into cellphone, where it stays on users eyece all the time, while website has to search again everytime. With question which type of ad use is still here a problem that nobody can say which, if Apple apps or Google search platform will be more desirable in future when current situation with these giants is still uncertain. Apple is all about mobile apps, and Google is all about mobile web and marketers still does not know where to target.