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When we all think is so necessary for business to be all on social networks, it is impossible for small businesses to manage them all.
In today post, I would like to mentioned some time saver tips.

Everyday we can read about new tips how to manage different social sites and what to focus on, to manage all of them could help Hootsuite.HootSuite can help you manage all Twitter , Facebook profiles, pages and groups, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn profiles, groups and companies, Foursquare profiles,WordPress blogs ,MySpace profiles. Thanksfull this website you can see all your profiles on screen at the same time and managing your status .For better idea how the site works , watch a  video. By HootSuite profile you can track a topic or individual you want to by using easy tools.

There are many similar tools on market, HootSuite is very popular and help me here to show you how can these time savers work. One of disadvantage of this, specifically HootSuite, is high price.

So as a first tip for saving time with social network I have add a paid one, but here are many other which helps managers to manage social networks.

One of the advices of managers about social media is to make a time for them once a few days. Do not watch what is going on every second but make a interesting and readable posts.
Next things are apps. You can downoald apps of all networks you working on and checking and respondig while you waiting in line or traveling .
As in many areas of business, also with managing social media you should focus only on these networks which makes you best profit/most fans/Tweets … and less where responds on your posts are very low.