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Google Adwords launched, as every year ,some new features. If you are already user of Google Adwors, you should know their news for running succesfull campaign.

Target locally:
For owners physical businesses are these tool usefull because of findability in specific location. Already was possible to to specify location by word, for example Prague, so people from Prague, but also people who put Prague only into searches found your business. With new tool you can target Prague “using physical location” only. So now your ad will be visible only for people based in Prague looking for you business.

If you know specific location you do not want to have visible ad for, now you can use Exclude by physical location and search intent , and be sure, that you ad is visible for Prague, not for (example of city you do not want to be visible) Brno.


Organize your AdWords accounts:

Recently was launched  account labels, for organizing all keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns into custom groups for better managing all acounts.
You can now easily managing which campaign was more succesfull according words which was used in them or labeling your favourite keywords to see them quickly if actually checking their rating.

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Ad Rotation:

AdWords currently offers three ad rotation settings: optimize for clicks, optimize for conversions, and rotate evenly. You can choose how many times, when and which campaigns are showen for indefinitely time. Now every ad will have 30 days period. This change should help user for better performance of their accounts. The rotate tool is using for testing new ads, but if running for indefinitely time, it can deliver unrelated ads to customers and wasting money of users.