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As I was already posted some informations about mobile and adverising, in today s post I would like to show you real example of how mobile commerce could work to benefit for company.
In last post I posted some tips what to do for advertising in mobile devices, so lets see if it really works on example of cosmetics company Sephora.

This year, Sephora going to invest and focused to mobile shoppers and on all customers using mobile devices in daily life. And why?
Last year an amount of purchases through mobiles in Sephora increased 167% and eGift Cards did in 2012 a big profit to company and also fact that 50% of newsletters are opens from mobiles giving company information that with investing on mobile users, going by right direction.


Sephora s customer are ladies all age, but mainly young women spending many time on mobile and internet within, comparing products, browsing for gifts and shopping.

“Our shoppers are absolutely mobile shoppers,” said Johnna Marcus, director of mobile and digital store marketing at Sephora.
Sephora in 2013 is not going to focus only on shoppers, when purchasing through mobile is still a little new thing, customers could use Sephora app and website in mobile differently, but still with beneficially for company (and themselves). Company decided to focus on customers who are also „only“ browsing website while in store, reading reviews, watch „how to “ videos in procces of purchase decisions. Customers now could scan the 2D code on a product in-store to see ratings and reviews and other product-related information.
Mobile devices will be in Sephora also using as a loyalty cards instead of the papers one, so worrying about forgetting a gift card or losing it are gone.

“Sephora’s priority for 2013 is to continue to evolve our mobile capabilities to enhance our client experience in areas like Passbook, mobile gifts, our apps and new innovations.”
Johnna Marcus, director of mobile and digital store marketing for Sephora.

As you can see, even if people are not willing to make a purchase by mobile, there are many other possibilities how to make their shopping with you pleasure experience.