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Returning customer is the best customer every business can have. These loyalty ones do not only shop regularly, but also have a recommendation to another’s.
lifetime customer value is a prediction of profit from individual custumers in future. Here comes in last months often mentioned costumer realtinship marketign which help us make a long term relationship with satisfied custumers.

Focusing on life time value of custumer in business means do not perceiving their purchase as 1dolar a month, but as a 12dolars a year and if you counting in years…That how basically is lifetime value of custumer counted, by how many times shopping, for how much and how long we can expect shopping will continue.
On market are already tools for measuring life time value of custumer, but lets look at some  advicies from business world.

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Advice number one in LVC is that all customers are not same in term of profit from individuals. There is always some amount of costumers active more then others.
And the active are these who really refer to others and are loyal to your business, on these you should focus first, by creating special offer, price, service etc. You can distinguish them from others by tracking amount of purchases or how many times the customers came back to shop again.

Nice examples are cars. Usually people purchasing around 7 cars in their lives, so brands making their best to make sure that the next car will be again from them and dealers too.They are preparing special price for car services, accessories and then for price of the next car customer going to purchase from them. Life time value marketing is essential part of whole car business.


When I am reading about marketing research I always imagine a big company who pays to another big company to make a research about market for them.
But nowadays tools allowing small business make a marekt ressearch without big expenses, one of these are Online surveys. Surveys are commonly used by companies to collect data and get feedback from customers or public. Well prepared survey can help  to make better decision in next business steps. It is easy to find many tools on internet for creating online survey, with analysis, segmentation and many more advantages and tools, so let’s see some tips how to make survey efficient.


First important thing is to know your target market. By knowing your current costumers you can prepare picture of your target market and based on them, make a suitable questions. More specifically is more better and do not focus only on costumers. It is more easy to communicate with your costumers than with potencials, so focus on potecials and their needs/wants.
About the questions, try to focus only on these you really can not Google it or get answer another way. Better do not have lot of open questions, people ale more likely to choose a,b, or c than thing about answer in their own words. Also keep your language simple, without special terms of you business and avoid long sentences, it is alway possible to replace by short one.
Be transparent. Give the people information why you are doing this survey and how contribution is from this survey for them. For example: better costumer services, new kinds of meal on menu, in case of restaurant, and many more.

And at least, keep it short and simple! More question you will have, people more likely will choosing answers randomly.




When we all think is so necessary for business to be all on social networks, it is impossible for small businesses to manage them all.
In today post, I would like to mentioned some time saver tips.

Everyday we can read about new tips how to manage different social sites and what to focus on, to manage all of them could help Hootsuite.HootSuite can help you manage all Twitter , Facebook profiles, pages and groups, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn profiles, groups and companies, Foursquare profiles,WordPress blogs ,MySpace profiles. Thanksfull this website you can see all your profiles on screen at the same time and managing your status .For better idea how the site works , watch a  video. By HootSuite profile you can track a topic or individual you want to by using easy tools.

There are many similar tools on market, HootSuite is very popular and help me here to show you how can these time savers work. One of disadvantage of this, specifically HootSuite, is high price.

So as a first tip for saving time with social network I have add a paid one, but here are many other which helps managers to manage social networks.

One of the advices of managers about social media is to make a time for them once a few days. Do not watch what is going on every second but make a interesting and readable posts.
Next things are apps. You can downoald apps of all networks you working on and checking and respondig while you waiting in line or traveling .
As in many areas of business, also with managing social media you should focus only on these networks which makes you best profit/most fans/Tweets … and less where responds on your posts are very low.


Having own loyal digital community is triumph for business. Digital community can be huge on internet and company has many benefit of it.
In nowadays increasing number of people using digital media. Very common is to have internet access everywhere we go, so business can catch potential customer just on way .Many companies using this advantage (catching costumer everywhere) so version of web for mobile devices is commonplace.
As a most common digital community makers are Twitter ,Facebook, Google, YouTube and company blog.
One of companies using all these tool for reaching as many potencials as possible is Airbnb.

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Main function on this page has Facebook. Just by log in users can log through Facebok and than share what destination wish list . Facebook also give a possibility to arrange some holiday and invite friends. Airbnb has also very often updated Facebook page with all news.They keep visitors informed what is new on site.
On Twitter, users also can watch all news and participating on whole content.By Twitter profile of web people sharing experience from trips whre they did use Airbnb.
They have also their Google + profile with less users, but posting often interesting articles.
In collaboration with Youtube, Airbnb launched many videos about their website and a lot of tools about how to work with the web and videos with satisfied customers on both sites, travellers and those who renting , whcih make whole wbsite more reliable
They are already very active on all most important social websites but because it is portal where content is made from photos, they coud also participate with Pinterest or Instagram.
They have also blog, which informing people about what is going about this right now and were active during hurisane in NY, so helped many people to provide free beds in flats of their users.

By all these tool company creating loyal digital community interested about them.
These digital communitie has very strong voice. If you have big amount of fan on fan page, it is means that you can measure feedback , their opinions and adjusting offer according to that. Digital community means loyal customers, making positive awareness about company and many more. People are enojoyng being part of some community, sharing opinions, experiences and discuss.

Digital community following company for longer time would be also more wilingly giving honest feedback on new items or other company news.

Visual marketing is nothing new under the sun ,pictures and videos selling better then text all the time,

but why we should interest about Pinterest?

According to survey, 21% users on Pinterest purchased an item that they found on the Pinterest, which is not such a low number in business!

Because bigger part of users of Pinterest are women, there is maybe not so much space for owner of tractor  store, but women are active buyers in many fields of business, so if they are one of your target group, you should think about you own Pineterst business profile. On site you will find examples of other business and interesting case studies.

According to people who participated on survey, number one for them is cooking,  home design, crafting, fashion, entertainment, and gardening.

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As a nice nice case study from Pinterest for business site, I would like to mentioned They connected their page with recipes with Pinterest by adding Pin button to every recipe they posted. Goal was, increase number of community of users. After adding the Pin button, contetrn and traffic on website increased more than 900%!

That is an intereting thing about success with Pinterest, adding Pin button to product on website will increase the traffic. Also do not forget to make a description to all your Pins, for better SEO, right key words will help you to increase traffic on site. Be social. Follow other business, they will propaby follow you back, being social can bring you new costumers too.

Pinterest is already connected with Twitter and Facebook so it is easiest to build your own community. Invite others through social site to pin with you, make a comments and share.



Even in this time of social networks and advertises appearing everywhere, still many companies using email marketing to engaged costumers.

Because, why not to, when accoding to , 57% of people are more likely to make a purchase after receiving an email!!It is still very cheap way how to turn potential customers or persuade existing customers to buy again.

Lets read about some tips for email campaign:

Fisrt thing your costumer will see is Subject line of an email, so focus on catchy headline, should by something like „special prize“ or „new collection“ some new information about advantages of shopping with you.

For creating a readable email marketing campaign every email has to be clear and well organized for costumer . No long text is allowed, keep on mind that every costumers receiving bunch of emails daily. Make a short text with highlighted special offers and with main picture of product. Pictures breaking text.

Are you sure clients getting your mails? Check your spam score , avoid spam traps and spam words.

Before every campaign I would recommend to check how successful was the last one. Which staff customer looking for most from email? From which email peopl mostly click on your page? Was that the with sale or better offers?

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Divide your customers!

Segmentation is an important word for every marketer. Make you emails suitable for different customers. Prepare different content for new costumers and returning, for women and men… Segmentation will allow you to target straightly according to costumer interests and needs.
Sending relevant content in emails will make you costumers more engaged.

At least, do not forget for mobile version of your campaign. Number of internet in mobile user increasing every day.


Have you ever heard about any compan which make a living from repairing reputation on internet for companies?

I have never heard or until i have found one article .

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There I have firstly read about reputation management. On market exist companies which are able to remove all bad thing said on you/company on internet. Most desired are for deleting or neutralizing information
and generate good content that outranks the bad content.

It is not working only for business, but also for individuals. Do not want to share personal information what was put into internet (income, price of house)?
Bad personal photos online? Here is possibility to get rid off it with these agencies.

Online reputation management became necessary with the social medias, online forums, blogs and other forms of online communication and information sharing mainly for big organizations.

Because according any law everybody can use information (personal) showed on internet, these companies trying to make neutral bad message into a positive, make them to not be visible or completely neutralized.
Reputation management already has many loyal costumers among big companies.

Online Reputation agency seems to can delete all bads about you and your company, if you find it o.k.

I am not very sure if all companies should have possibility to neutralize their wrong reputation…