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Content marketing creating meaningful text to target  new  customers. Consumers are not reacting on traditional advertise as before, they ignoring ads in magazines, switching ads in tv do not perceiving banners anymore...But in content marketing   is no persuading or pushing to purchase a product / service now. Content marketing is more about creating relationship with potencial customers and educating them, let them familiarize with company before  purchase.

With content marketing is related blogging, every company should have a blog as a place for source of content marketing which brings more visitor on website. These articles on blog or company website about things related with their business are best place where to put some key words.


Bigger companies has people who only care about content marketing of organization as do. This personal-finance-managing startup based on content marketing whole marketing strategy.
They have special employees only for posting articles, care about all social sites and communicate with readers.News and tips posts, slideshows, videos, and infographics are all part of ther content marketing strategy. After months of picking data from feedbacks of readers and posting interesting articles of high quality from their field of business, they now have loyal followers who trust them and do not worry to share this content with others and luckily, happend to be also their new customers.
Here you see that patience and good preparation worth it.


Hubspot has more than 4,000 customers and also rely on content marketing. They are educating their audience by case studies, videos, podcasts, webinars, and ebooks , all about field they working in – helping businesses with marketing on internet.

Thanksful all these information people more know why is internet marketing important for them and why and are able to use all Hubspot tools correctly and usefully.

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„Whereas five years ago your business needed to have a website in order to exist, soon your company’s survival may depend on your ability to be an effective publisher.“Shane Snow,

Read also about SEO rules for content marketing :


Google Adwords launched, as every year ,some new features. If you are already user of Google Adwors, you should know their news for running succesfull campaign.

Target locally:
For owners physical businesses are these tool usefull because of findability in specific location. Already was possible to to specify location by word, for example Prague, so people from Prague, but also people who put Prague only into searches found your business. With new tool you can target Prague “using physical location” only. So now your ad will be visible only for people based in Prague looking for you business.

If you know specific location you do not want to have visible ad for, now you can use Exclude by physical location and search intent , and be sure, that you ad is visible for Prague, not for (example of city you do not want to be visible) Brno.


Organize your AdWords accounts:

Recently was launched  account labels, for organizing all keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns into custom groups for better managing all acounts.
You can now easily managing which campaign was more succesfull according words which was used in them or labeling your favourite keywords to see them quickly if actually checking their rating.

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Ad Rotation:

AdWords currently offers three ad rotation settings: optimize for clicks, optimize for conversions, and rotate evenly. You can choose how many times, when and which campaigns are showen for indefinitely time. Now every ad will have 30 days period. This change should help user for better performance of their accounts. The rotate tool is using for testing new ads, but if running for indefinitely time, it can deliver unrelated ads to customers and wasting money of users.


In this post I would like to familiarize you with tips for using online coupons. Some of fresh and experienced  entrepreneurs giving out  advices how to use coupons not only for discounts, but also for making a relationship or track customers.

1) Be careful with Deal/Discount websites. We all know sites with super cheap offers for everything, but maybe not all of us heard about how many entrepreneurs got failure thanks to them. Customers shopping on these sites are not loyal and wants to save money. Only.

„Before you offer any sort of discount, know your customer lifetime value (CLV), and whether offering a discount will pay off in the long run.“ –  Sunil Rajaraman,

2) Online coupons are smart way how to measure succes of your marketing activities. Put a different code on coupons according to where people get the code (Facebook, Google,magazines…) so you can see on which site was campaign most usefull, because when customer is going to use a coupon, he has to give you the code, then you are able to easily measure success of each campaign.
Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

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3) Reward by coupons only those, who worth it and make from coupons something desirable for others. According to  Natalie MacNeil, try to give special coupons only to your most loyal or active customers. You can decide according to how many times individuals shop with you, how active are on your Facebook page or giving coupons for recommendation of new customer.

4) Use a coupon to picking data about your customers. By creating different codes on coupons for different types of custumers – those who find you by Google, those who click on your add, those who get a recommendation, special codes for loyal customers or for those who did first purchase. Then track and watch their behaviour during shopping and from picked data create customize service, product.. Anderson Schoenrock, Scandigital

Take all these advice, but dont forget to give out discounts only if your business can afford it.


Returning customer is the best customer every business can have. These loyalty ones do not only shop regularly, but also have a recommendation to another’s.
lifetime customer value is a prediction of profit from individual custumers in future. Here comes in last months often mentioned costumer realtinship marketign which help us make a long term relationship with satisfied custumers.

Focusing on life time value of custumer in business means do not perceiving their purchase as 1dolar a month, but as a 12dolars a year and if you counting in years…That how basically is lifetime value of custumer counted, by how many times shopping, for how much and how long we can expect shopping will continue.
On market are already tools for measuring life time value of custumer, but lets look at some  advicies from business world.

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Advice number one in LVC is that all customers are not same in term of profit from individuals. There is always some amount of costumers active more then others.
And the active are these who really refer to others and are loyal to your business, on these you should focus first, by creating special offer, price, service etc. You can distinguish them from others by tracking amount of purchases or how many times the customers came back to shop again.

Nice examples are cars. Usually people purchasing around 7 cars in their lives, so brands making their best to make sure that the next car will be again from them and dealers too.They are preparing special price for car services, accessories and then for price of the next car customer going to purchase from them. Life time value marketing is essential part of whole car business.


When I am reading about marketing research I always imagine a big company who pays to another big company to make a research about market for them.
But nowadays tools allowing small business make a marekt ressearch without big expenses, one of these are Online surveys. Surveys are commonly used by companies to collect data and get feedback from customers or public. Well prepared survey can help  to make better decision in next business steps. It is easy to find many tools on internet for creating online survey, with analysis, segmentation and many more advantages and tools, so let’s see some tips how to make survey efficient.


First important thing is to know your target market. By knowing your current costumers you can prepare picture of your target market and based on them, make a suitable questions. More specifically is more better and do not focus only on costumers. It is more easy to communicate with your costumers than with potencials, so focus on potecials and their needs/wants.
About the questions, try to focus only on these you really can not Google it or get answer another way. Better do not have lot of open questions, people ale more likely to choose a,b, or c than thing about answer in their own words. Also keep your language simple, without special terms of you business and avoid long sentences, it is alway possible to replace by short one.
Be transparent. Give the people information why you are doing this survey and how contribution is from this survey for them. For example: better costumer services, new kinds of meal on menu, in case of restaurant, and many more.

And at least, keep it short and simple! More question you will have, people more likely will choosing answers randomly.





When we all think is so necessary for business to be all on social networks, it is impossible for small businesses to manage them all.
In today post, I would like to mentioned some time saver tips.

Everyday we can read about new tips how to manage different social sites and what to focus on, to manage all of them could help Hootsuite.HootSuite can help you manage all Twitter , Facebook profiles, pages and groups, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn profiles, groups and companies, Foursquare profiles,WordPress blogs ,MySpace profiles. Thanksfull this website you can see all your profiles on screen at the same time and managing your status .For better idea how the site works , watch a  video. By HootSuite profile you can track a topic or individual you want to by using easy tools.

There are many similar tools on market, HootSuite is very popular and help me here to show you how can these time savers work. One of disadvantage of this, specifically HootSuite, is high price.

So as a first tip for saving time with social network I have add a paid one, but here are many other which helps managers to manage social networks.

One of the advices of managers about social media is to make a time for them once a few days. Do not watch what is going on every second but make a interesting and readable posts.
Next things are apps. You can downoald apps of all networks you working on and checking and respondig while you waiting in line or traveling .
As in many areas of business, also with managing social media you should focus only on these networks which makes you best profit/most fans/Tweets … and less where responds on your posts are very low.