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Content marketing creating meaningful text to target  new  customers. Consumers are not reacting on traditional advertise as before, they ignoring ads in magazines, switching ads in tv do not perceiving banners anymore...But in content marketing   is no persuading or pushing to purchase a product / service now. Content marketing is more about creating relationship with potencial customers and educating them, let them familiarize with company before  purchase.

With content marketing is related blogging, every company should have a blog as a place for source of content marketing which brings more visitor on website. These articles on blog or company website about things related with their business are best place where to put some key words.


Bigger companies has people who only care about content marketing of organization as do. This personal-finance-managing startup based on content marketing whole marketing strategy.
They have special employees only for posting articles, care about all social sites and communicate with readers.News and tips posts, slideshows, videos, and infographics are all part of ther content marketing strategy. After months of picking data from feedbacks of readers and posting interesting articles of high quality from their field of business, they now have loyal followers who trust them and do not worry to share this content with others and luckily, happend to be also their new customers.
Here you see that patience and good preparation worth it.


Hubspot has more than 4,000 customers and also rely on content marketing. They are educating their audience by case studies, videos, podcasts, webinars, and ebooks , all about field they working in – helping businesses with marketing on internet.

Thanksful all these information people more know why is internet marketing important for them and why and are able to use all Hubspot tools correctly and usefully.

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„Whereas five years ago your business needed to have a website in order to exist, soon your company’s survival may depend on your ability to be an effective publisher.“Shane Snow,

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