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When I am reading about marketing research I always imagine a big company who pays to another big company to make a research about market for them.
But nowadays tools allowing small business make a marekt ressearch without big expenses, one of these are Online surveys. Surveys are commonly used by companies to collect data and get feedback from customers or public. Well prepared survey can help  to make better decision in next business steps. It is easy to find many tools on internet for creating online survey, with analysis, segmentation and many more advantages and tools, so let’s see some tips how to make survey efficient.


First important thing is to know your target market. By knowing your current costumers you can prepare picture of your target market and based on them, make a suitable questions. More specifically is more better and do not focus only on costumers. It is more easy to communicate with your costumers than with potencials, so focus on potecials and their needs/wants.
About the questions, try to focus only on these you really can not Google it or get answer another way. Better do not have lot of open questions, people ale more likely to choose a,b, or c than thing about answer in their own words. Also keep your language simple, without special terms of you business and avoid long sentences, it is alway possible to replace by short one.
Be transparent. Give the people information why you are doing this survey and how contribution is from this survey for them. For example: better costumer services, new kinds of meal on menu, in case of restaurant, and many more.

And at least, keep it short and simple! More question you will have, people more likely will choosing answers randomly.





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