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Even in this time of social networks and advertises appearing everywhere, still many companies using email marketing to engaged costumers.

Because, why not to, when accoding to , 57% of people are more likely to make a purchase after receiving an email!!It is still very cheap way how to turn potential customers or persuade existing customers to buy again.

Lets read about some tips for email campaign:

Fisrt thing your costumer will see is Subject line of an email, so focus on catchy headline, should by something like „special prize“ or „new collection“ some new information about advantages of shopping with you.

For creating a readable email marketing campaign every email has to be clear and well organized for costumer . No long text is allowed, keep on mind that every costumers receiving bunch of emails daily. Make a short text with highlighted special offers and with main picture of product. Pictures breaking text.

Are you sure clients getting your mails? Check your spam score , avoid spam traps and spam words.

Before every campaign I would recommend to check how successful was the last one. Which staff customer looking for most from email? From which email peopl mostly click on your page? Was that the with sale or better offers?

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Divide your customers!

Segmentation is an important word for every marketer. Make you emails suitable for different customers. Prepare different content for new costumers and returning, for women and men… Segmentation will allow you to target straightly according to costumer interests and needs.
Sending relevant content in emails will make you costumers more engaged.

At least, do not forget for mobile version of your campaign. Number of internet in mobile user increasing every day.


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