The greatest site in all the land!

Visual marketing is nothing new under the sun ,pictures and videos selling better then text all the time,

but why we should interest about Pinterest?

According to survey, 21% users on Pinterest purchased an item that they found on the Pinterest, which is not such a low number in business!

Because bigger part of users of Pinterest are women, there is maybe not so much space for owner of tractor  store, but women are active buyers in many fields of business, so if they are one of your target group, you should think about you own Pineterst business profile. On site you will find examples of other business and interesting case studies.

According to people who participated on survey, number one for them is cooking,  home design, crafting, fashion, entertainment, and gardening.

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As a nice nice case study from Pinterest for business site, I would like to mentioned They connected their page with recipes with Pinterest by adding Pin button to every recipe they posted. Goal was, increase number of community of users. After adding the Pin button, contetrn and traffic on website increased more than 900%!

That is an intereting thing about success with Pinterest, adding Pin button to product on website will increase the traffic. Also do not forget to make a description to all your Pins, for better SEO, right key words will help you to increase traffic on site. Be social. Follow other business, they will propaby follow you back, being social can bring you new costumers too.

Pinterest is already connected with Twitter and Facebook so it is easiest to build your own community. Invite others through social site to pin with you, make a comments and share.




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