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Have you ever heard about any compan which make a living from repairing reputation on internet for companies?

I have never heard or until i have found one article .

stažený soubor

There I have firstly read about reputation management. On market exist companies which are able to remove all bad thing said on you/company on internet. Most desired are for deleting or neutralizing information
and generate good content that outranks the bad content.

It is not working only for business, but also for individuals. Do not want to share personal information what was put into internet (income, price of house)?
Bad personal photos online? Here is possibility to get rid off it with these agencies.

Online reputation management became necessary with the social medias, online forums, blogs and other forms of online communication and information sharing mainly for big organizations.

Because according any law everybody can use information (personal) showed on internet, these companies trying to make neutral bad message into a positive, make them to not be visible or completely neutralized.
Reputation management already has many loyal costumers among big companies.

Online Reputation agency seems to can delete all bads about you and your company, if you find it o.k.

I am not very sure if all companies should have possibility to neutralize their wrong reputation…


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