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Welcome on my blog and in the first post of My Internet Marketing Blog.

I would like to start with basics we have learned recently in school.In our first week of Internet marketing class at Prague College, we were talked about Internet Marketing mix.

As an other forms of marketing, also  internet marketing is important, and in these times a lot, for companies by making brand awareness and increase profit. But digital marketing is more about making experience for future customers, then just selling products/services. In nowadays  is not sufficient giving a good price for a good quality, you have to be different, selling some story:

73% of US customers says that ad should say some story.


(you can see that 73% of US customers says, that ad should say some story)

or giving people something more.

Great example of  „something more“ for customers is showed in ALDO shoes camapign. Want new pair of shoes for free? Join our ALDO campaign!

ALDO connected with their customers through Instagram (great idea,so popular now), one of the new tools of internet marketing and get almost 500 contributions! They attracted customers and make them take an action by taking photo of their shoes, upload by Instagram with actual shoe size, ring a bell on the street (different experience) and gave them one pair for free!This company brought to customers experience about what they will definetely talk about to everybody! So they connect digital world with real life and made a great experience.

As ALDO showed, people are wiling to colaborate if you trying to attract them throught their favourite apps.

Here I can mentioned  Burberry eyewear campaign, which is nicely explaining how important is to think about all possibilities of internet advertise, more than printed or tv ad. Burberry eyewear campaign was launched only throught YouTube, Facebook, Sina, Weibo, YouKu and Twitter (so also focused internationally -weibo). Customers has also possibility of watching capmaign on mobiles by browsing store.They did not do any print ads however, campaign was sucessful!

SO how can we work on internet with customers? How I am supposed to let them know about me?

After targeting right customers (age…), know their needs and wants, making all SWOT and PESTEL analysis, know your website goals, you  should start with AIDA principle.

 AIDA is explaining whole purchaing process starting with:

A = Attention: Catch the people!! By catching  headline !Big photos! Colors! People have to start to be excited when firstly see your ad.

If you have the attention, here you have to go more deeply, potential customers give you just few seconds of their time..

I = Interest: What you can offer, why are YOU special? Raising tense, give them benefits…

Then they start to read more, watch more, maybe think about having IT..

D = Desire: Make people to want it! Offer free bonuses (they can keep even if they return your product) , build urgency into every offer (order now in the next 72 hours and you will get this free bonus..), solve their  problem, save time, save money, earn money …

and almost last but most important is

A = Action. Ask them to buy. Here customers almost done with purchasing, make the payment system easy! Offer accessories…

At the I would like to add Loyalty. Returning customer is the best customer. Stay in tocuh with customers after purchase. Watching twitter/facebook conversations, build loyality program…